September office updates


The 2022-23 seasonal influenza vaccine is now available at Renton Pediatrics for any child age 6 months and older.  We will be offering Saturday morning Flu Vaccine Clinics starting on October 1st. These clinics will be by appointment only, so please call us first to schedule. We will also be offering appointments throughout the week if you cannot make one of the Saturday clinics. Your child is also able to receive a flu vaccine during any normal doctor’s appointment/well child visit.


Dr. Shwartz is currently on maternity leave. Her patients will be well taken care of when she is gone! We welcome Dr Huang to Renton Pediatrics, who is helping to cover her patients on Mondays and Wednesdays. Dr. Peyton Gaunt, who retired several years ago, will also be returning to help us while Dr Shwartz is on leave. He will be available on Fridays, beginning September 23rd.


The new bivalent booster, which includes a component that specifically targets the omicron variant, has been authorized for use in children ages 12 and up!  We currently do not have a supply available at our clinic. Please call your local pharmacy or community vaccine provider to set up a booster vaccine appointment for your children age 12 and over.


We are working hard to keep all of our patients and families safe here in the office and are our modifying policies we put in place in 2020. We will now allow two healthy, masked family members, without any illness symptoms, to accompany the patient to appointments.

Our policy remains that everyone over the age of two that enter our clinic remain masked, regardless of vaccination status, throughout the entire visit. This follows CDC guidelines for healthcare settings.  Please help us by bringing a mask to your clinic visit!

COVID Vaccine clinic for ages 6mo-4years

We are currently scheduling for our next COVID vaccine clinic for those ages 6mo to 4 years. It will be in Renton at our new location 1412 SW 43rd St Suite 315 Renton, WA 98057 on Wednesday 8/24/2022. Appointments are required, please call our office. Looking forward to assisting you!

Dr Patulot returns!

Renton Pediatrics welcomes  back Dr. Connie Patulot, who retired from our practice in 2020. She will begin in August 2022 and will be with us for a short time helping to provide extra coverage during one of our busiest months of the year. Please call to schedule an appointment!

COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Ages 6 mo – 4 yr Available 6/28

We will have a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Renton at our new location 1412 SW 43rd St Suite 315 Renton, WA 98057 on Tuesday 6/28/2022. Appointments are required, please call our office. Looking forward to assisting you!

COVID booster vaccines for 5-11 year olds

Booster doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine under an Emergency Use Authorization to children ages 5 to 11 years are now being offered. The booster dose can be received anytime 5 months after the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
The Renton School district is offering vaccines clinics now through June 15, 2022. Sign up below:

Vaccine Clinics for 5 years to Adult – Renton School District 403 (

Vaccines can also be obtained through local pharmacies as well as Seattle Children’s

We are currently not offering booster doses at Renton Pediatrics.


We know that there are many of you who may be struggling in the face of the nationwide formula shortage. We want you to know we are here for you. Valley Children’s Thearpy department has compiled a list of several helpful resources for those who are having trouble finding the formula you need.
To help ease the impact of shortages, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises buying no more than a 10-day to 2-week supply of formula.
-For most babies, it is OK to switch to any available formula, including store brands, unless your baby is on a specific extensively hydrolyzed or amino acid based formula such as Elecare (no store brand exists). If you are unsure, talk with us!
-Check social media groups. There are groups dedicated to infant feeding and formula, and members may have ideas for where to find formula.
-If no formula can be found, consider borrowing a can from a friend.

Common Questions Answered here:

Is it OK to put more water in baby formula?
No. While it may be tempting to water down formula to stretch it out, you should never do that! Always follow label instructions or those given to you by your pediatrician. Watering down formula is dangerous. It can cause nutritional imbalances in your baby and lead to serious health problems. Always mix formula as directed by the manufacturer.
Can you make your own baby formula?
The AAP strongly advises against homemade formula. Although recipes for homemade formulas circulating on the internet may seem healthy or less expensive, they are not safe and do not meet your baby’s nutritional needs. Infant deaths have been reported from use of some homemade formulas.
Can I give my baby alternative milk products if I can’t find formula?
Milk alternatives are not recommended for infants under a year of age. Be especially careful to avoid almond or other plant milks as these are often low in protein and minerals.
Can I give my baby toddler formula?
Toddler formulas are not recommended for infants. However, if you absolutely have no other choice, toddler formula is safe for a few days for babies close to a year of age.
What is the shelf life of baby formula?
Check the “use by” date on infant formula, which is required by FDA regulations to be on each container. Until that declared date, the formula will content no less than the amount of each nutrient on the product label and will otherwise be of acceptable quality.
Remember, always talk with us about any concerns you have about feeding your baby!



At home COVID-19 tests

The federal government is now offering 4 free at-home rapid antigen COVID-19 tests per household. You can order them here Tests will be mailed and are expected to arrive in late January.

COVID testing

With the current surge in COVID-19 cases, it can be very challenging to find a test when needed.  If your child needs a test due to symptoms of COVID-19, due to an exposure, or for another reason, we advise that you make an appointment at a community testing site using the following link:  COVID-19 testing locations and guidance – King County. Seattle Children’s hospital announced this week that they would no longer be offering COVID testing  for providers in the community– COVID-19 Testing Information ( An at home rapid antigen test can also be appropriate, if available.  See the following link for self-testing information:  COVID-19 self-testing – King County.

If your child has symptoms and you would like them to be evaluated, then you may contact our clinic to schedule a telehealth/virtual appointment.  We can discuss testing and management during this visit.

If your child is having any difficulty breathing or there are other urgent concerns, please proceed to the nearest emergency department or call 911.

The best way to prevent severe COVID-19 infection is to get vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccine is authorized for all children age 5 and up, and booster doses are authorized for children age 12 and older, who received a vaccine at least 5 months prior.

COVID Booster shots for children 12-15 years old

Kids age 12 and up can now get a booster shot of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine after the CDC last week recommended COVID-19 boosters at least 5 months after their second shot. Please use the following link to locate a vaccine near you: Vaccinate WA: Find COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Near You. We are currently not offering any more COVID vaccine clinics in our office.