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Linda E. Wiseman MD, FAAP

Dr. Wiseman moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1991 and joined Renton Pediatric Associates as the 4th doctor in the group.

She had graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and German. Her GPA was 3.9.

She received her Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. She then completed 2 years of a General Psychiatry residency followed by a 3 year residency in Pediatrics. She has her Board Certification in General Pediatrics.

Dr. Wiseman is on staff at UW/Valley Medical Center Hospital and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Seattle. She served as Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at UW/Valley Medical Center Hospital for 5 years. She began the practice of using the departmental meetings for educational purposes and invited different speakers to talk on various topics.

Dr. Wiseman has several areas of interest; skin disorders such as eczema and acne, gastrointestinal problems such as chronic constipation and celiac disease, asthma and allergies, neurological conditions such as headaches and epilepsy, and autism spectrum disorders. Due to her training in psychiatry, she is experienced in treating attention deficit disorder, depression and anxiety. Being a pediatrician, she cannot treat maternal depression but she is aware of its existence. She feels that this area is not addressed enough.

She is a big believer in nutrition and its impact on health and well being. The foundation of healthy eating needs to be established when the child is young.

As a child, she had severe animal allergies and could not have any pets. She understands the impact of allergies. To her delight the animal allergies miraculously disappeared in her twenties. Once she had established her practice she and her husband researched the type of dog they wanted. Although she adores all dogs, the only one they could agree on was the Golden Retriever. Dr. Wiseman has participated in formal obedience training for her dogs, agility and showing them in the show ring for conformation.

Her other loves are all things cooking and bread baking. She admits to being a cookbook hoarder.  While cooking or baking “Alexa” teaches her Spanish.

Dr. Wiseman loves to learn about different cultures and languages. She has a multicultural practice (which she loves), and she knows that there are many different ways of raising a happy and healthy child.

If you are looking for a pediatrician, she encourages parents to schedule a New Patient Talk with any providers in the practice to see who matches your needs and likes.