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July 4th and Fireworks Safety

Please, read the following to help in the prevention of accidental burns from fireworks for your children and yourselves. July 4th is Independence Day, a national holiday, and many of us choose to celebrate it with family and friends at parties and backyard barbecues. Let’s enjoy good food and company safely and legally. In some jurisdictions in the state of Washington, fireworks are permitted and in some others they are banned.

State law RCW 70.77.395 bans the sale and discharge of fireworks in the city such as Renton, Newcastle, Issaquah, Seatac and Seattle. Please check the link below for information on other cities and counties in Washington State.

For helpful tips about Fireworks Safety, please check out the Nemour Foundation’s Kidshealth section linked below.

You can enjoy a wonderful fireworks display and music at Coulon Park in Renton:

New Pediatrician

We are excited to announce that Dr. Becky Shwartz will be joining Renton Pediatrics in August 2015.

Other Worlds

How much do you weigh on the moon? How old are you on Jupiter. Find on our Other Worlds page.