Flu Vaccine Clinics

For Current Renton Pediatric Patients Only

Our annual flu vaccine clinics have been so popular in the past years that we are offering this service again for the coming flu season. You can schedule an appointment on the dates below for your child to receive the flu vaccine. On that date we have one medical assistant who is responsible for giving the vaccine to our patients.

All the providers and staff at Renton Pediatrics are committed to protecting our young patients from preventable diseases including the flu. It is recommended that all children 6 months and older obtain an annual flu vaccine. The disease called influenza, or flu for short, is not a cold. It may share some of the symptoms as the common cold but severity of illness is worse, and the risk for complications is much higher.

Who is at greatest risk?

Our Flu Vaccine Clinics provide vaccines only for children ages 6 months to 19 years of age who are patients of our practice. This season only the injectable vaccine is available. There is no nasal FluMist available this season. Our providers and our medical staff can help answer any questions.

Please call our office at (425) 271-5437 for the dates of our next clinics.

We ask that parents fill out a one page Influenza Vaccination Screening Questionnaire and bring this form to their appointment. Please print out this form, complete it, and bring it with you.