Well-Child Exams

Well-child exams are a very important part of a child's health care. The visits give us the opportunity to examine the child for overall health, growth, and development. We also discuss nutrition, sleep habits, age-appropriate topics such as potty-training, dental care, and safety issues. With the help of these regular exams we can often detect and address health problems before they become more serious.

We encourage parents to keep a list of questions they may have and bring the list to the visit.

Many of the well-child visits in the first year of life include vaccinations. These help to protect the child from some very dreadful and potentially life-threatening diseases.

The following list shows the ages at which well-child visits are recommended:

3 - 5days *     3 years
2weeks   4 years
2months   5 years
4months   6/7 years
6months   8/9 years
9/10months   10/11 years
12months   12/13 years
15months   14/15 years
18months   16/17 years

Parents of children under 12 months of age are encouraged to make an appointment for the child's next exam at the time of the current exam.


So many things occur in the first week of life for the newborn infant. Its bodily functions are adapting from the transition to life outside the womb. Due to the very brief hospitalization time after delivery we do not get to observe or monitor the baby while it is making this transition. A host of problems can arise in this period. Parents may not even be aware of the warning signals. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies discharged from the hospital within 48 hours of birth, babies with a particular health concern or feeding problem should return to the doctor's office 48 to 72 hours after going home.