Other Worlds

Although we sometimes think of weight and mass as the same, they really aren't. Mass is how much matter an object contains. You are an object and have a certain mass. Weight is how much the gravity of a very large object, like a planet, pulls on a mass. Different planets have different amounts of gravity, so you will not weigh the same on another planet as you do on earth.

The revolution of the earth around the sun is how we define the year. A year is the time it takes the earth to make one revolution around the sun. That is a little over 365 days. Other planets revolve around the sun at different speeds. This means a year, or one revolution around the sun, is different than an earth year. The moon revolves around the earth and the earth revolves around the sun; so the moon also revolves around the sun at about the same rate as the earth.

Enter your weight and age and click the Calculate button and you can see how much you would weigh and how old you would be on other planets and the moon.

On Earth

Planet Photo Your
Mercury Photograph of Mercury
Venus Photograph of Venus
Moon Photograph of Moon
Earth Photograph of Earth
Mars Photograph of Mars
Jupiter Photograph of Jupiter
Saturn Photograph of Saturn
Uranus Photograph of Uranus
Neptune Photograph of Neptune
Pluto Photograph of Pluto